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My rates are competitive with those listed by the Editors' Association of Canada. Flat rates for longer works are also available.

Average Hours

• Proofreading: 6-10 pages/hour

• Copy Editing: 5-7 pages/hour

• Substantive/Content Editing:

     3-5 pages/hour

What's a page?

A single page in Microsoft Word is 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced, has default margin settings, and averages

300 words.


Proofreading eliminates cosmetic (or "surface") errors, like typos, punctuation, or simple grammatical mistakes ("there/their/they're"). It's the last step in editing and is the final spit and polish of a manuscript.

I charge $35 an hour for proofreading.

Copy Editing

Copy editing improves style, flow, formatting, and ease of reading so text can be understood on a single pass. It corrects passive voice, wordiness, grammatical errors, shift in tense, lack of parallel structure, jargon, eliminates repetition and overuse of pet phrases. Copy editing includes proofreading.

I charge $50 an hour for copy editing. If you're looking for a professional edit of your writing, this is what you want.

Content/Substantive Editing

Content/Substantive Editing means to rework content or suggest new ideas, like character arcs, story beats, and dialogue. It includes copy editing and proofreading. Content/Substantive editing costs $60/hour.

Longer works can be paid for by flat rate. An average 85,000 word manuscript starts at $1,500, but prices are negotiable.

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